Thursday, March 12, 2009

Winnings Streaks

I have the greatest wife in the history of the cosmos.

I am a true fair weather fan of the Utah Jazz. If they have a losing record than they can count me out. But when they are doing well, I am such a great fan. If I'm not at the game (I live 5 blocks away and nosebleeds are around $6) I am watching the game on the tube. My wife, who couldn't care less about most organized sports, especially an NBA team from a town she's not even from, lets me watch with no guilt and usually makes me dinner as I sit and cheer for the Brewdog and the Money Man. On a side note : She is psuedo-obsessed with the Jazz Dancers. We saw some at Chili's and Alison couldn't stop staring.

I'm a lucky man.

I often think, if the situation were reversed, I would come home day after day from an office job that I sometimes didn't like and find Alison lying on the couch watching a program on "stitching" or "different types of fabrics for home crafts." Although I more than appreciate her craftiness and skills, I would, because I am dramatic, fall on the floor and act like I died from the boringness of the program.

I have a wife who lets me be a boy.

Also, here is a link to another Eric who likes the Utah Jazz. Take a look. I also attended my first Jazz game as a boy scout. Eric and I have some things in common. Eric and Eric... Sounds nice.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not convinced

I'll never be convinced that the gymnasts for the Chinese Women's Olympic team are over sixteen. Not one of them looks a day over twelve, and that might be pushing it. Oh, but wait, I just found out that their government issued passports say they are all over sixteen making their recent gold medal legit. Whew.

In other news: Shawn Johnson has replaced Mary Lou Retton as "America's Sweetheart." (My opinion)

I told my wife that I thought Shawn Johnson was adorable and she told me that I like normal looking girls. I guess thats a good thing.

I haven't posted in awhwile. I've been busy.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


blood doctors...

are so fun. especially when nobody gets hurt... but especially ESPECIALLY when someone gets finagled.

last night we schemed, and the victim made 20 dollars. (he was fine) he would have made 40 dollars, but i got cheap and pulled my 20 out before anyone knew what was going on. the scheme involved a call from a haunted house big shot/entrepenuer, a ride in a fancy car to the late "dark realm," and a broken window.

i am 25 and i still love scheming. i was so excited and nervous that i jumped in the air, and thats extremely rare.


Monday, April 30, 2007


im posting this so i can download some old pc games that i played as a teenager.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Crime Can Pay.

Only one Prime Time TV show has ever inspired me, and that show is Prison Break. I had the chance of a lifetime last night to prove myself and I blew it. At 11:42 pm I was arrested and taken to the Missoula City Jail. It came as a surprise. I say surprise because Ive never had a day where I put some time aside to spend in jail. I found myself in a cell with a bench and an aluminum toilet/sink. As the door locked behind me I was already planning my escape. I quickly examined the toilet to see what kind of bolts held it to the wall. In Prison Break the protaganist unscrews the bolts when the guards aren't looking. As soon as I saw there were none, I gave up. That was my only plan.

Monday, March 19, 2007


I just saw I commercial where a man walks into his house and finds a burglar shuffling around, being an idiot, and knocking things over. When they saw each other, Mr. Thief demanded some money. The guy gave it to him and that was that. I thought, what if the thief asked you for something like your eyes, or your feet. What excuses could I have used to talk my way out of that one? I've got to be prepared for stuff like this. It's the 21st century.